New Websites for U and I together

Domain Registrars: Tucows, Go Daddy, Registerfly, Network Solutions, Melbourne It,, Domain Name Registrar, Neustar New Websites for U and I together (One for you and One for me.) “If you are happy with the musings of the Jamman and would like to participate in building my Website, learning how to build your own Website […]

I was Only Eight Years of Age Punished with Dishes

I was only eight years of age, in serious trouble, when my father arrived home from work. We lived in a house for five people and war was waging overseas. It had taken us 6 days to arrive at this house, from just a short distance. Underneath our house was a huge space with some […]

“The Hero” is “Castaway by FedEx” Best Product Promotion


FedEx has cultivated a good-guy image, especially in the Tom Hanks movie “(Castaway”) In 1995, Chuck Noland  (Tom Hanks) is a time-obsessed (FedEx) systems analyst, who travels worldwide resolving productivity problems at FedEx depots. He is in a long-term relationship with Kelly Frears  (Helen Hunt), with whom he lives in Memphis, Tennessee. Although the couple […]

Two Giants Against two Small Men 3,000 years apart

There were four protagonists: – Two of these people fought for their lives approximately 1000 BC. The man was a giant and his opponent was a17 years old youth. In 2005 a very large Company threatened to take a man to Court issuing a Cease and Desist, citing: – “The use of their product, for […]

David and Goliath: The Box Buyer Slays a Giant

David and Goliath

 Neon Sign – Mailboxes & FedEx – Large 13″ x 32″UPS Delivery Die Cast Truck 1:55 ScaleHO Die-Cast Mercedes Benz Sprinter Van, FedEx David and Goliath A Philistine named Goliath from Gath, whose height was six cubits and a span.  (Over nine feet tall.) He had a bronze helmet on his head, and he was […]

These Books Belong in Your Library


“If after starting afresh every day and nothing changes In your Life? It is time for you, to change your methods.” Does this sound like you? Many people feel the same… “They walk around with a chip on their shoulders and when they get frustrated, they take their annoyance out on those nearest to them.” […]

Almost Number One! Do we Want to Be?

We were Number 6 in the World for Obesity. Early 2011 we could have taken over first position from USA. Rank The ten highest Countries Amount # 1 United States: 30.6% # 2 Mexico: 24.2% # 3 United Kingdom: 23% # 4 Slovakia: 22.4% # 5 Greece: 21.9% # 6 Australia: 21.7% # 7 New […]

Australia’s Obesity Reaches Extremely High Concern

How to measure your waistline

Many years ago, in my position as manager, the school trainer (Buzz) asked me if I would take a young lady, who was graduating into the field for the customary week of Field Training. ‘Buzz thought she was going to shape up into extraordinary sales person.’ When this young person, who was just 21, heard […]