Australia Day and King George 6th

We went to see that marvelous film of ‘King George 6th,’ with two Australian actors. This film with the antics projected towards ‘Burtie’ to get him to speak reminded me of our son’s Dyslexia of 40 years ago. “I was, on the whole, considerably discouraged by my school days. It was not pleasant to feel […]

‘The ABC of Baked Potatoes.’ Avocado, Bacon and Cheese.’

Shell of potato

‘Baked Potato with Avocado, Bacon and Cheese. There once was a Baked Potato Shop that had magic ingredients with 20 different varieties in the middle of those ‘baked in their skins potatoes’, We would come home, from duty of being the full time taxi service for five robust, cheerful future Socceroos, to find everybody was hungry and […]

What are THEY? Where is it From?

Avocados’ image appeared in 1996 when the Instituto Mexicano del Seguro Social in Mexico researchers (Archives of Medical Research, Winter 1996) observed health benefits of avocado consumption. The 45 volunteers who ate avocados every day for a week experienced an average 17% drop in blood cholesterol and rich in beta-sitosterol. LDL (low-density lipoprotein, “bad fat”) […]

How to Grow and Maintain an Avocado Farm

Alan had been involved for many years in the Avocado Industry, situated at Keri Keri, the top of the North Island of New Zealand. The Avocado farm has over 2,500 trees approximately 12 years of age. This is extremely important, for the trees take six years to mature, meaning the backbreaking goes on for six […]

Mr Marmalade’s Musings on David and Goliath

” We have here…Failure to Communicate.” The recent submissions made to MrMarmalade on the Subject of ‘David and Goliath’ have produced a display of comments. 1. – David and Goliath with 100 comments. 2. – The Hero was a Castaway with 71 comments. Some of the comments were hilarious. Causing smiles, whilst others were brilliant […]

One feels proud with an Australian and New Zealand pedigree

Australia is on the ropes with rain, water, floods and mud in Queensland, Victoria, Tasmania, Western Australia and the top half of New South Wales. There are 55,000 Volunteers pitching in to clean up: $AUD55,000,000.00 in the appeal for help: 5 States inundated: “I am a 13 year old singer/songwriter from the Gold Coast. For […]

The Quest: Colour Meaning of Roses

The ancients first started breeding roses for their colours thousands of years ago. As one of the most enduring symbols for love and appreciation, it’s no surprise that roses are among the most admired and evocative of flowers. Black: Death With death comes new life. This is a colour, guaranteed to leave a deep impression. […]

QLD Floods Brisbane and Ipswich bracing for unprecedented flooding.

Toowoomba Flood A Voice from deep in the middle of China Kim:  RED. MrMarmalade: Black Those floods in Brisbane and Toowoomba sound bad. Me:  9 Dead I heard 12 dead. Confirmed 10 dead but 90 missing. We have heard 12 dead, 75 missing, so hopefully yours more accurate Me:  Hey, MrMarmalade made Google first page […]