Marmal Ashes

“Marmal Ashes:” Up for the Taking! Are we Capable of Doing This?  From 1892 the Ashes have been a test cricket series played between England and Australia. It is international cricket’s most celebrated rivalry. It is currently played biennially, alternately in the United Kingdom and Australia. Cricket being a summer sport, and the venues being […]

The 6.3 Earthquake in Christchurch

There were floods in three States of Australia; New Zealand has three earthquakes in Christchurch in the last 5 months. The last quake being of 6.3 magnitude in the heart of Christchurch. Not he biggest but by far the worse damage of all three.) Authorities are expecting a heavy death toll. The earthquake happened during […]

Mr Marmalade’s Musings on David and Goliath

” We have here…Failure to Communicate.” The recent submissions made to MrMarmalade on the Subject of ‘David and Goliath’ have produced a display of comments. 1. – David and Goliath with 100 comments. 2. – The Hero was a Castaway with 71 comments. Some of the comments were hilarious. Causing smiles, whilst others were brilliant […]

QLD Floods Brisbane and Ipswich bracing for unprecedented flooding.

Toowoomba Flood A Voice from deep in the middle of China Kim:  RED. MrMarmalade: Black Those floods in Brisbane and Toowoomba sound bad. Me:  9 Dead I heard 12 dead. Confirmed 10 dead but 90 missing. We have heard 12 dead, 75 missing, so hopefully yours more accurate Me:  Hey, MrMarmalade made Google first page […]