‘The ABC of Baked Potatoes.’ Avocado, Bacon and Cheese.’

Shell of potato

‘Baked Potato with Avocado, Bacon and Cheese. There once was a Baked Potato Shop that had magic ingredients with 20 different varieties in the middle of those ‘baked in their skins potatoes’, We would come home, from duty of being the full time taxi service for five robust, cheerful future Socceroos, to find everybody was hungry and […]

How to Grow and Maintain an Avocado Farm

Alan had been involved for many years in the Avocado Industry, situated at Keri Keri, the top of the North Island of New Zealand. The Avocado farm has over 2,500 trees approximately 12 years of age. This is extremely important, for the trees take six years to mature, meaning the backbreaking goes on for six […]

God’s Pharmacy! Amazing!


Super foods are wholesome foods, minimally processed. Being nutritious containing quality fats, proteins or antioxidants. Protect the body from free radical damage. There’s  research supporting claims about super foods. Supporting healthy, aging and immune function. Offering protection against heart disease, various types of cancer and reduce inflammation. Foods that are blue, purple or red, contain […]