“It took a long time to become the person I always wanted to be.”

Good friends can hurt you, every once in a while; you must learn to forgive them. True friendship and true love continue to grow, even over the long distances. You do not have to change friends when you understand that friends change. Friends may argue, it does not mean, they dislike each other. Just as […]

Your Passion becomes a Fire Burning Brightly from within You.


“I can’t”,  “I can’t”, and “I won’t” “Your dreams will take you to heights unimaginable, or else die and be buried in the complacent tomb of fear, marked by the cold stone of the ordinary.” ‘Talk with Passion, you become a power force bringing confidence and knowledge to the table and all stop to listen […]

Merry Christmas Happy New Year


A commitment made many years ago, to myself is I never, never use the words: ‘I will try.” To my mind, this is your first excuse for failing. You fail and feed your mind that at least ‘I tried.’ Is this the way to treat your mind? Do you really want to succeed? Your mission […]