Lock your Children up at Christmas. They may be alive Next week.


Death is always on the Road for Christmas 10 people dead on Australia roads that Xmas Many people believe. “The NSW GOVERNMENT make Underage drivers culpable if alcohol involvement.” Delay Driver’s license issued until 21. The Premier agreed and stated In USA the age is 21. The next week after a senior’s moment, decided, this […]

Merry Christmas Happy New Year


A commitment made many years ago, to myself is I never, never use the words: ‘I will try.” To my mind, this is your first excuse for failing. You fail and feed your mind that at least ‘I tried.’ Is this the way to treat your mind? Do you really want to succeed? Your mission […]

The challenges of life. “Winners never quit! Quitters never win.”

Mr Marmalade always worked through the challenges of life. I found that one must never give up. Alan Bond entered into a different field of activity by buying into poorly performing English Assurance Company in Australia and New Zealand. Mr Bond combined his Thoughts with Desire and made it his passion “The Achievement of that […]