New Websites for U and I together

Domain Registrars: Tucows, Go Daddy, Registerfly, Network Solutions, Melbourne It,, Domain Name Registrar, Neustar New Websites for U and I together (One for you and One for me.) “If you are happy with the musings of the Jamman and would like to participate in building my Website, learning how to build your own Website […]

These Books Belong in Your Library


“If after starting afresh every day and nothing changes In your Life? It is time for you, to change your methods.” Does this sound like you? Many people feel the same… “They walk around with a chip on their shoulders and when they get frustrated, they take their annoyance out on those nearest to them.” […]

The challenges of life. “Winners never quit! Quitters never win.”

Mr Marmalade always worked through the challenges of life. I found that one must never give up. Alan Bond entered into a different field of activity by buying into poorly performing English Assurance Company in Australia and New Zealand. Mr Bond combined his Thoughts with Desire and made it his passion “The Achievement of that […]

Turn your fear into the power source that drives you to success!

Pain is Temporary, Whilst Glory is forever. So your desire to reach a higher Standard of Performance and raise your Quality living in the Future has you stressed. Meaning your past is something you want to forget. Instead of being lost in the pain, stunned like a dead mullet moving from failure to failure. A […]