Mr Marmalade’s Musings on David and Goliath

” We have here…Failure to Communicate.” The recent submissions made to MrMarmalade on the Subject of ‘David and Goliath’ have produced a display of comments. 1. – David and Goliath with 100 comments. 2. – The Hero was a Castaway with 71 comments. Some of the comments were hilarious. Causing smiles, whilst others were brilliant […]

The challenges of life. “Winners never quit! Quitters never win.”

Mr Marmalade always worked through the challenges of life. I found that one must never give up. Alan Bond entered into a different field of activity by buying into poorly performing English Assurance Company in Australia and New Zealand. Mr Bond combined his Thoughts with Desire and made it his passion “The Achievement of that […]

Ardent Desire Requires a Positive Mental Attitude

‘Positive Mental Attitude’, (PMA) what one could do if you had This PMA? Many years ago a close friend of mine Mr Marmalade Man, worked for an American company, which sold widgets, he reached the heights of promotion and recognition by selling 100 widgets per week. He entered a class for two weeks and he […]