Your Passion becomes a Fire Burning Brightly from within You.


“I can’t”,  “I can’t”, and “I won’t” “Your dreams will take you to heights unimaginable, or else die and be buried in the complacent tomb of fear, marked by the cold stone of the ordinary.” ‘Talk with Passion, you become a power force bringing confidence and knowledge to the table and all stop to listen […]

Speed! Is It Better One Legged or Two

Micheal Milton

A One-legged skier is looking closely at the able-bodied record for skiing. A young boy whose father taught him to ski when he was three years of age. At nine years, his left leg was removed because of a malignant cancer of the bone. “Courage and perseverance have a magical talisman, before which difficulties disappear […]

Ardent Desire Requires a Positive Mental Attitude

‘Positive Mental Attitude’, (PMA) what one could do if you had This PMA? Many years ago a close friend of mine Mr Marmalade Man, worked for an American company, which sold widgets, he reached the heights of promotion and recognition by selling 100 widgets per week. He entered a class for two weeks and he […]